How to wear Accessories?


Accessories can be worn as a key outfit component or dramatically make a statement of their own.

Accessories are of-the-moment, eye-catching, fabulous trends that broadcast your Style.


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What is Fashion?


"Fashion is what you buy...

Style is how you wear it!"


Who is Chic? 

"A woman that embodies the spirit of style without being consumed by it - is Super Chic!"


Where Fashion Meets Style...

Posh Style Boutique







If you are in the DMV (District Of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia) area and want something different to do that's FREE, FUN, and REWARDING! Host a jewelry party.

​Posh Style Boutique will bring the latest trends to you as a private show. We offer an open house set up, meaning there is NO Sales Presentation! NO Sales Pitch! Your quests will be impressed with our beautiful collection of wearable art and the merchandise will sell itself. Then you'll get rewarded....